Food items to serve with tea

You do not need to look at the websites of catering in Dubai or outdoor catering services in Dubai to come up with best food to have with your tea in evening or breakfast. You can prepare such foods by using YouTube too.

There are many foods which you can have with tea but some are must-try. Some of them are:

  1. Sandwich maker cakes: These cakes are too easy to prepare. You can have both chocolate and vanilla cakes with tea. You can even prepare chocolate or blueberry sauce too, if you want more flavour. All you need is to pour batter in sandwich maker to make sandwich shaped cakes. 
  2. Pancakes: These can be prepared within minutes. All you have to do is to beat eggs, milk, flour and sugar together, then pour a spoon of batter in hot frying pan to make thick and small pancakes that you can have with honey, nutella or fruits sauce and tea to make the breakfast moth-watering.
  3. Buttery toasts: These are easy to prepare, whether you have toaster or not. You just need to spread butter on bread then put it in toaster or hot frying pan. Turn the bread upside down to toast it from both sides. Then have it with hot tea and chocolate sauce. 
  4. Omlette: Make roll like vegetable omelette to make it must-have. To prepare the mixture, you need to put two to three eggs in bowl. Cut vegetables (onion, capsicums, mint leaves and the vegetables present in fridge) and add them. You can also add chicken cubes too with little and few cubes of cheese in bowl to make an egg flavour. Beat the mixture well, then pour the batter in pan, when its one side is cooked, fold it a little, push it in corner and add more. Do it until the mixture is completely utilized. In this way, a roll will be made of egg. You can cut it and have it with the help of knife and fork.
  5. Biscuits: Fresh and home-baked biscuits can be eaten with tea and milk. You can bake chocolate chip cookies or plain cookies that would have nuts or nothing. To prepare this, you need to make dough from eggs, milk, flour and sugar. After making dough, you have to make balls cut the dough in different hapes. Put the balls or shapes in baking tray (after oiling it) and bake it for 20 to 30 minutes. Cool them for atleast 15 minutes then have it with tea in supper.