Know your favorite star’s backstage happenings

If you are a movie fan, then it is possible that you would want to know about every movie and star. Call it a strange but universal habit among all movie fans. For some reason, they find it entertaining to know more about their favorite stars, their career, recent and upcoming movies, and personal life. So much so that fans often end up knowing more about the personal life of a star more than his movies. Paparazzi photographers would do anything to watch and record a glimpse of the most happening celebrities in the industry. For those of you living in Dubai and elsewhere in the Middle East, they have the opportunity to watch and meet their favorite Bollywood actors in Dubai as they visit this part of the world more often. These stars are often found in UAE for a number of reasons. You will see them attending some award function, attending someone’s function like engagement or wedding, attending a concert or doing their own. All the Bollywood fans have a great chance to see their favorite stars up close in Dubai and other states in UAE many times a year.

Why should you bother?

Well, your passion for Bollywood is something that will drive you to do things to know more about it. Considered as the second biggest film industry in the world after Hollywood, Bollywood, in fact, produces twice as many movies each year compared to the latter. So much so that cinema lovers see two or three movies hitting the theater each month. The number often goes above that, which is actually quite a staggering figure. That said, it makes sense to know about movies and stars so that you know what to expect from the next movie.

Exciting and fun

If you happen to be a movie lover, then you must have known the fun and excitement that comes from waiting for your favorite movie. Same goes for the favorite stars as people wait to see a glimpse of their favorite celebrities just for a second. To an ordinary person, all that may not sound much, but to a fan of movies, doing this is as good as consuming food and drink. The passion of movies is only increasing by the day and you may have noticed that more fans are looking to become Bollywood fans than ever. An example is an increase in demand of latest south Indian movies dubbed in Hindi.